Recent Photos of Equestrians, Dogs, and More

My latest work, continuously updated with new photos.

Dogs at Mitchell Park

Photos from the dog run on Saturday, January 15th. See Mitchell Park Dogs

North Pasture Winter Solstice

On the first day of Winter, the Horse Park at Woodside pasture horses contemplate hibernation. For more Horse Park horses at liberty, see Horse Park at Woodside

Victoria Dye Equestrian Halloween Show

Email for access or use the Contact form

Please provide the rider name and number or description

Woodside Schooling Show

Hunter, Jumper & Dressage competition at the Horse Park at Woodside. If you do not already have access instructions, please contact me and provide the rider name, number, and event: or use the Contact form.

Woodside Schooling September 2021

Dog Agility

Photos from Saturday at the USDAA Western Regional Agility event by The Bay Team.

Western Regional Dog Agility 2021

Woodside Eventing

Samples of The Event at Woodside, August 2021, most taken while judging. Not for sale.

California Dressage Society/San Francisco Chapter 2021

CDS / SFP Dressage 2021

Reining By the Bay 2021

Portfolio samples of reining competition at the Horse Park at Woodside. Not for sale.

Reining by The Bay

Pacific Cup Vaulting 2021

Photos available to show participants: Pacific Cup 2021

Dressage photos of instructor Torie Dye from inside the arena.

Dressage Up Close

Dressage Up Close

Helen and Poppy

Helen Alliston and Poppy at the Woodside Horsepark: Helen

Nature photos from the Palo Alto Baylands and around Palo Alto.

Egrets, pelicans, and gulls at the Palo Alto Baylands photos(most recent): Baylands

More Baylands, birds, and flowers: Nature Assortment

These images are from the south pasture of the Horse Park at Woodside. Sunrise is my favorite time for photography, with soft golden light and crisp air.

The hillside faces east, and overlooks the Stanford 'Dish' area.

Full gallery: South Pasture Sunrise