Recent Photos

My latest work, continuously updated with new photos.

Woodside Horse Trials

Prelim and Intermediate Cross Country, taken while I was a jump judge. (more to come) HorseTrialsAug2020

Helen and Poppy

Helen Alliston and Poppy at the Woodside Horsepark: Helen

Back to work with equestrian photography! These are trying a new camera angle at Victoria Dye Equestrian in Los Altos Hills.

Full gallery: Westwind Jump Practice

F l a s h ! the dachshund at the Woodside Horse Park.

Full gallery: Flash

Stanford Dressage, another quick visit with a vintage lens.

Full gallery: Stanford Equestrian Team

Nature photos from the Palo Alto Baylands and around Palo Alto.

Egrets, pelicans, and gulls at the Palo Alto Baylands photos(most recent): Baylands

More Baylands, birds, and flowers: Nature Assortment

These images are from the south pasture of the Horse Park at Woodside. Sunrise is my favorite time for photography, with soft golden light and crisp air.

The hillside faces east, and overlooks the Stanford 'Dish' area.

Full gallery: South Pasture Sunrise